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How many times have you deleted a file on your computer and then discovered that there was a need for it? It happened to me a few times. I would then try to run backup, but if I had not backed it up, I’m looking for a free software to fix them.

Free Pandora Recovery software can recover deleted files from NTFS or FAT formatted hard disk volume. After you download and install on your computer, you have to run Pandora Recovery will scan the surface of the computer hard drive to scan and build an index of all files, including deleted files and folders.

After the scan is complete, files can be deleted either by browsing the hierarchy of existing and deleted files or use the search function to find the files either with full or partial file name. Pandora Recovery can also recover files with a file size, date created or date of last access. However, many see no use of these options as they would probably only remember the file name.

This free data recovery software can also be used to recover images, movie files or files from one another was type.The feature I most appreciate the ability to preview deleted files. The Quick Viewer Pandora File Recovery software allows you to preview deleted image or text file before you restore.

You can recover deleted files from formatted media or discs with damaged or missing file allocation table.You can even recover files whose MFT record has been reused by restoring the operating system. However, Pandora Recovery does not use information in the file allocation table, and therefore can not determine the name of the file whose attributes or file path. The preview function is very useful as Pandora Recovery could not find the file.

Pandora data recovery software features:

• Ability to browse or search deleted files.
• Ability to preview deleted images or text files before you recover them
• Ability to recover any archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files
• Ability to recover alternate data streams (ADS) that useful contain file-related meta data
• Ability to view file properties like file type, deletion date, date created, date modified etc. Right click on the file and click “Properties” to view them.
• Ability to view properties of all logical drives on the computer i.e. drive letter, volume label, file system etc.
• Ability to recover deleted files to either the local drive or any remote network drive including flash drive. Developers of Pandora recovery recommend recovery of deleted files to a secondary hard drive, a network drive, USB Flash drive, or other external media for better success rates.

Recover files of any type including the following, using the free data Recovery Software.

• Images / Photos – JPEG images (*.JPG), PNG images (*.PNG), GIF images (*.GIF), BMP images (*.BMP).
• Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003 Documents – DOC files (*.DOC), DOCX files (*.DOCX), XLS files (*.XLS), XLSX files (*.XLSX), PPT files (*.PPT), PPTX files(*.PPTX)
• Music / Sound – MP3 files (*.MP3).
• Archived Files – Zipped files (*.ZIP)

Pandora Recovery works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. It recognizes FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and NTFS / EFS file systems.

Download Pandora data recovery software and recover deleted files from your PC.

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