Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector for Find and Manage WiFi Hotspots

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This free tool is a must for the frequent Wi-Fi hotspot users. Although Windows 7 has a built-in tools related to Wi-Fi networks, it’s a very simple program, and you can not select the right with it. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector offers tremendous amount of information not only makes it easy for the Wi-Fi hotspot to select the correct speed and performance, but you’ll also be able to resolve connections!


Xirrus finder wifi Xirrus Wi Fi Inspector for Find and Manage WiFi Hotspots

Here are a few other useful applications of this free tool, identified as the creators.

• Search for all available Wi-Fi networks
• Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues, if any
• Verify the Wi-Fi networks’ signal strengths (coverage)
• Manage a computer’s Wi-Fi connection
• Locate Wi-Fi devices
• Detect rogue APs and verify AP settings
• Wi-Fi Education

You can get detailed information on all nearby Wi-Fi hotspots in a radar-like view. Here are the salient features of the Xirrus Wi-Fi network Inspector.

• Dynamic Radar image to display local Wi-Fi network name and the relative distance
• Detailed information about all local Wi-Fi networksDisplay of Computer-Wi-Fi connection details and the main network addresses
• Accessibility, quality and speed tests to solve Wi-Fi network
• Real-time graph of the signal strength of one or more wireless networks with 8-minute story
• Search mode to track Wi-Fi network signal strength, including the signal
• Direct Connect or disconnect from Wi-Fi networks
• Enabling or disabling Wi-Fi adapter in Windows 7 and Vista
• If you use Wi-Fi and / or terminology, may also help you with this tool, an integrated Wi-Fi Glossary

From the above it is clear that this is much more than a Wi-Fi hotspot finder and a complete Wi-Fi network manager. Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector here

You must have Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP (SP2 or higher) to use for this software. You also need a Wi-Fi adapter, either built in or external. You will also need. NET Framework 2.0 or higher. (Download. NET Framework 4.0 here). To check if it is already installed, click “Control Panel” => “Add / Remove Programs” and look for Microsoft. NET Framework.

If you want to speed to run tests, make sure to install Adobe Flash Player – Download Flash Player 10

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