Best Canon IXUS 2011: current models by price and specs

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Buying Guide: Find the best IXUS camera for your needs - Design has always been the order of the day with Canon's line of IXUS cameras, and the most recent arrivals are some of the smallest and lightest we've seen yet, all the while maintaining classic IXUS looks.

A number of models have begun sporting wide LCD screens for a better video-recording experience, and, as with Canon's range of PowerShot cameras, the line has recently welcomed a handful of members equipped with Canon's High Sensitivity system.

This, Canon claims, combines a backlit sensor with a modest pixel count together with advanced processing to help produce clearer images with less noise.

The current range of Canon IXUS cameras isn't as exhaustive as competing lines from other manufacturers, so choosing the right IXUS shouldn't be too tricky.

Neverthless, some are clearly better than others for different tasks, depending on ther design and the exact functionality they offer. Read on to find the best canon IXUS camera for your needs.

Canon IXUS 1000 HS

Price: £260 Specs: 10MP, HD video: 1080p

The current flagship Canon IXUS camera packs in a lot for its sub-£300 price tag, including a 10x optical zoom - though sadly without a wideangle - and a 10MP backlit sensor.

The IXUS camera also allows for burst shooting at a rate of 8.8fps at 2.5MP, and Super Slow Motion capture at 240fps, while on the rear of the metal-bodied compact there's a 3in display.

There's even a Wink Self-timer which cleverly captures an image two seconds after a subject's wink is detected.

Canon IXUS 310 HS
Price: £250 Specs: 12.1MP, HD video: 1080p

The keenly priced IXUS 310 HS builds on the formula of the previous 300 HS, with an upgraded 12.1MP High Sensitivity sensor and a 24mm wideangle zoom lens, the latter of which boasts a wide maximum aperture of f/2.0 and Optical Image Stabilisation.

Going on to offer full HD capture with stereo sound recording, along with a 3.2in LCD screen on the rear, it's perhaps the best Canon IXUS camera for recording and viewing movies high definition.

Canon IXUS 300 HS

Price: £180 Specs: 10MP, HD video: 720p

Now replaced by the IXUS 310 HS (above), the IXUS 300 HS is still a tempting proposition thanks to its sturdy shell, 3in LCD screen and HD movie recording, as well as its High Sensitivity technology for capturing images with low noise and a wide dynamic range.

Those wishing to get creative can also take advantage of the camera's aperture- and shutter-priority options, as well as the optic's f/2.0 maximum aperture for minimal depth of field effects.

Canon IXUS 210
Price: £160 Specs: 14.1MP, HD video: 720p

While it may lack the High Sensitivity technology of many of its stablemates, the IXUS 210 can still be safely considered as a solidly-specified camera with its 14.1MP sensor, 24mm wideangle zoom lens and 3.5in LCD screen on the back equipped with touchscreen functionality.

Rounding it all off is HD movie recording to 720p, and up-to-date extras such as 35-person Face Detection, Smart Auto shooting, an HDMI port and Smart Flash Exposure technology.

Canon IXUS 220 HS

Price: £170 Specs: 12.1MP, HD video: 1080p

With the same High Sensitivity 12.1MP sensor, 24mm wideangle and full HD recording as the pricier IXUS 310 HS, the IXUS 220 HS comes in at a much cheaper price point thanks to a slightly smaller 2.7in LCD screen and stripped-down functionality.

You still get a lot for your money, though, with High-speed Burst and Super Slow Motion movie modes, as well as optical zooming while recording movies and stereo sound capture for greater audio clarity. 

Canon IXUS 130
Price: £150 Specs: 14.1MP, HD video: 720p

Available in silver, black, orange and pink, the IXUS 130 measures just 17.8mm thick but it still manages to squeeze in a 4x zoom lens with a 28mm wideangle, as well as Optical Image Stabilisation and a HDMI port.

HD movie recording is limited to 720p capture, and the screen is also a touch on the small side at 2.7 inches, but with a 14.1MP sensor it's one of the best IXUS cameras if you don't require the High Sensitivity technology but just want something to slip into your pocket for more casual shooting.

Canon IXUS 115 HS

Price: £150 Specs: 12.1MP, HD video: 1080p

Currently the most junior IXUS camera to feature Canon's High Sensitivity technology, the 115 HS goes on to provide the user with a raft of functionality, such as full HD movie recording, a 3in LCD screen with a tempered glass outer layer, and a 28mm wideangle lens.

You also get a separate type of image stabilisation for images and movies, and a Movie Digest mode which stitches together a day's worth of short video clips into a one single movie.

Canon IXUS 105

Price: £130 Specs: 12.1MP, HD video: none (VGA)

The baby of the group, the IXUS 105 is a straightforward and inexpensive camera which combines a 12.1MP sensor with a 28mm wideangle lens, together with a 2.7in LCD screen on the rear.

Motion Detection and Optical Image Stabilisation technologies feature among its specifications, while 35-person Face Detection means that the camera should be able to handle even larger groups of people with ease.

Sadly the one area in which this IXUS camera differs from many more recent Canon IXUS cameras is its movie quality, which is limited to VGA resolution.

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