Top J2ME Apps for Java Mobiles

Written By technotheory on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 4:54 PM

Most of the time people talk about either of the top apps for iPhone, android or blackberry. But there are a few people that talk about the java mobile apps. There are many peoples that can’t afford smatphones and they still use basic java mobiles. So here i am going to tell you about the top java apps. By using these apps anybody can use a basic phone to accomplish many of smartphone tasks.


This is the basic java app for Gmail users. It provides better mail experience in mobile phone compare to gmail wapsite. It has better options to manage mail attachments & even if you can view the documents in html mode which format your phone not support. Gmail app is free of cost. You can download gmail app by visiting on mobile.

Google Map

Google map is a mobile navigation app which supports driving directions, Real-time traffic, Satellite imagery. This Gmail app is also free of cost. You can download gmail app by visiting the same on mobile.


Snaptu turns your java phone into smartphone. Snaptu turns your favorite websites into ultra fast mobile apps that work on your phone you can enjoy the best new mobile apps. Fast, easy, and free. You can download snaptu by visiting on mobile.


eBuddy is a simplified instant messaging app, supporting multiple accounts simultaneously. Feed it your MSN, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo or GTalk details and it’ll sign you in. You can download ebuddy by visiting on you mobile.


Nimbuzz is also mobile IM similar to ebuddy. You can download nimbuzz by visiting on your mobile.


Palringo is the best IM for java mobiles. It is the better alternative to ebuddy & Nimbuzz. palringo messenger also supports voice messenging. You can download palringo by visiting on your mobile.


NewsHunt allows mobile users to read newspaper of their choice on the go . NewsHunt is a mobile application through which you can access the latest news of the regional language newspaper on you mobile handset. You can download NewsHunt by visiting on your mobile.

Opera Mini

Opera mini is the fastest mobile web browser. This is best for viewing big websites on mobile phone without any issue. You can download opera mini by visiting on your mobile.

Bolt Browser

Bolt is similar to opera in functionality but it also supports video streaming in same browser window. Bolt is best for viewing youtube videos. Its speed is comparable to opera. You can download bolt by visiting on your mobile.

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