4 Most Wanted Tablet Operating System Hacks

Written By technotheory on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 2:00 PM

HP’s ending of support for their Touchpad tablets has sparked some creativity for many hackers, mainly with operating system compatibilities. People want to run Mac on PC, people want to run PC on Mac, and now more and more people are wanting to run different operating systems on tablet computers. Here are 4 of the best tutorials for running different OSs on tablets.


Android on HP Touchpad

Although the HP Touchpad quickly became the fastest selling tablet to date, the ending of support for Web OS by HP gave hopes to many HP Touchpad owners that the Android operating system could be ported to the Touchpad. After all, Android is a very popular mobile operating system, and with the lack of updates for the Touchpad’s native OS, Android may be a better choice.

Running Android on an HP Touchpad can be accomplished using a method that developers refer to as CyanogenMod7.


Android on Amazon Kindle Fire

Although the Amazon Kindle Fire is still relatively new, developers have already found a way to install Android Tablet OS on the Kindle Fire. If you are a Kindle Fire owner that prefers the regular Android OS vs. the heavily Amazon branded OS that ships with the Fire, this might be a mod for you.

Running Android on the Amazon Kindle Fire can also be accomplished using CyanoGenMods.


Android on iPad

Many iPad owners would probably agree that iOS, the iPad’s operating system, is pretty rad. With the iPad, you also get the Apple App Store, which has one of the widest selections of apps, out of all tablet manufacturers.

However, Android is more of an “open source” operating system, that is different from iOS in many ways. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you are an Android fan but iPad owner, you can port Android to an iPad if you would rather run Android than iOS.


iOS on Android (Motorola Xoom)

Whenever you try and run Apple software on something that isn’t Apple, it’s a bit more difficult of a process. iOS hasn’t been stabile version installed on an Android Tablet as of yet, and as you may know, because there are so many different types of Android Tablets, rooting iOS to Android would be difficult, similar to creating a hackintosh computer.

However, there are some developers out there that are definitely making progress with the iOS on Android mod.



Overall, there isn’t a super simple way to run any tablet operating system on a different tablet. However, developers are pushing the envelope, and the above most wanted tablet operating system hacks are great examples of that.

One development idea that would be awesome, would to have something like VMware Fusion or Parallels for the iPad, which would let iPad owners run Android (or other operating systems) via virtual machines. Alternatively, it would be nice to have a VMware like software that you could install on Android Tablets to run iOS, although Apple would never allow it.

Has anyone successfully modded their tablets with a different operating system? If so, leave a comment to help others!

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