The Psycology of Android

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You are a risk taker
“Android owners are willing to take more risks.” claims psychologist Paul Buckley. “They’re not so worried about the security of their device, especially as Android Market is more open. They’re not so concerned by status either. Having the top brand doesn’t matter, they Just want something that can do great stuff.” As fellow psychologist Tom Stewart explains, open-source Android is more risky by its very nature: There are Still significant differences between individual Android phones, whereas the iPhone is all about die seamless integration of hardware and software.”

You are assertive and open minded
“Android owners don’t care about brand.’ say’s Dr Buckley. “They don’t care what their mates think and they’re more practically minded – The brand of the phone doesn’t matter, it’s what they can do with it. Evidence suggests that the type of phone you have is about being different. People are tired of having die same phone as everyone else, hence people want to go for Android phones. It’s no coincidence that Android activations are surging as they release so many new handsets.”

You are a confident decision maker
“What you tend to find is that Android owners don’t want to pay the full whack for a new phone and don’t care what others think of that decision,” says Dr Buckley. “Maybe the box isn’t quite as nice and maybe the download software isn’t as neat as iTunes, but it’s a fraction of the price and you can do different things with it that Apple won’t let you do. You’re not at the mercy of [Apple's] development cycle either.” “It’s a control thing,” confirms Stewart. “Android owners look at Apple and see what Steve Jobs is telling them they can and can’t do. Even if it’s not that important to them, they don’t like being told they can’t do it.”

Tom Stewart – Psychologist at British Psychological Society
Dr. Paul Bukley – Marketing and Consumer Psychology, Whales Institute

You are anti-establishment
Apple’s growing reputation as a massive mainstream company is a factor too. “Basically, Apple built its reputation on being a maverick and now it’s mainstream,” says Dr Buckley. It’s no longer [Apple] who arc a bit different. There are large numbers of people who do not like that dominance and are willing to challenge it.”

You don’t need others approval
“Android owners don’t seek approval in the same way iPhone owners do,” according to Dr Buckley. “There are different motivations for the two groups. If you look at the social breakdown of the two products, the iPhone is aspirational, whereas Android phones don’t carry the same status. Essentially. Android owners are most concerned with what makes them happy, rather than what makes others around them happy. Android owners can be described as the ‘early majority* rather than ‘innovators’. They’re still near the leading edge when it comes to consumer adoption. but they don’t require approval in quite the same way innovators do. Android phones aren’t aspirational gadgets, but that’s a key reason why certain people choose to buy them.”

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