The Psycology of Apple

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You are a perfectionist
The iPhone appeals to perfectionists because it’s built by obsessives for obsessives – and perfectionists arc obsessional,” says psychologist Paul Buckley of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. “My own research has found two different types of people love brands like Apple: people with low self-esteem and high self-esteem. Those with low self-esteem buy Apple products to boost self-image, while those with high self-esteem buy them to show off. The latter arc perfectionists, as everything they want to buy is branded, whether it’s trainers or phones. These people are driven, they want the best and feel they deserve it.”
You prefer to fit in

“Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac owners are worried about impression management,” stares Dr Buckley. “They feel the iPhone will create a good impression.” It all plays into the psychological concept called the “reference group”, explains chartered psychologist Tom Stewart. “Who we compare ourselves with is very powerful. iPhone owners like to feel that they are part of this Apple family and that they are being treated better than others. It also alienates another group of people who don’t even want to tolerate the idea that the iPhone might be good.”

You like simplicity and order
“The iPhone is a seamless, integrated perfect whole to the people who own one,” explains Buckley. “Ultimately, any tech manufacturer can make an Android phone if they want to. Apple maintains control and order, so its owners don’t have to. They feel that, perhaps wrongly, problems [with Apple products] are few and far between, if there are any issues. It’s more about functionality than it is about being a tech geek. If you buy an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mat:, you feel secure in knowing it’s going to work, because Apple design and make the whole thing.”

Aesthetics are important to you
“Almost two percent of consumers – we call them innovators- will buy almost anything at any price,” says Dr Buckley. They want the latest things when they come out, whether it’s an iPhone or the latest kit for the home. iPhone owners also tend to be fashion innovators. The appeal is all about being the real deal, rather than having a *me-too’ product. Apple is well aware that its products appeal to design lovers, hence they try their best to make their consumers feel like trendsetters.”

You find solace in first success
“It’s all part of this feeling of newness and wanting to be seen as different, but still conforming,” according to Dr Buckley. “Apple users take encouragement from the brand’s consumer success stories. It gives them something to talk about and fuels the belief that their tech evokes envy in others. Deep down that’s the main motivation for buying an iPhone: the need to be the first and to have something other people haven’t.”

Tom Stewart – Psychologist at British Psychological Society

Dr. Paul Bukley – Marketing and Consumer Psychology, Whales Institute

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