Software to Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

Written By technotheory on Monday, May 9, 2011 | 3:43 AM

Battery Optimizer is a small application to improve your laptop’s battery life with a set of simple diagnostics. Almost every other software just guide you to manage when your laptop goes to sleep. Battery Optimizer goes several steps further more and actually shows you how much battery life you can conserve by turning unnecessary functions of your laptop off. Offering you those extra minutes you require to save that document or get to the next level in your game.

The very first thing it does as soon as you begin it up is present a pleasant big visual detailing battery life in percent and time. It calculates battery life by its own way instead of depending on Windows estimates, and Battery Optimizer seems to be more specific in that regard.

Then, Battery Optimizer requires to run a diagnostic, which exams the laptop’s WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared, brightness, and external peripherals settings, all in an effort to provide you back some of that valuable battery life. The analyze might take anywhere from the stated 7 minutes on the older laptops it may take some more time.

As soon as the test is performed, a simple chart shows up with the amount of battery life you will obtain with Battery Optimizer‘s optimizations. The optimizations are based on the tests it just ran: WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, and so on.

When you click on Optimize Battery Life in the demo version, you will get a nag screen telling to register. This demo version therefore doesn’t have any functionality. With a registered version, it will indeed optimize the laptop to improve battery life.

For example, this is a useful application to run right before taking a plane, so as it will assist you to stop the WiFi and Bluetooth, dim your screen, and even eliminate a few CPU-hogging processes–all with a few of clicks, and also the optimizations only require a couple of seconds. Exploring Control Panel to disable this stuff would take several minutes longer.

Keep in mind that several laptops 4 or more years aged can only be dimmed manually and not from an application, so as much as that specific bit of optimization goes, all Battery Optimizer can do is propose you dim your screen. Hitting Fn + down arrow will do the technique.

To summarize, Battery Optimizer won’t do anything that you couldn’t do on your own with a little know-how. It just makes optimizing your battery life much faster and more hassle-free. When you really feel like that’s worth your $5, then proceed for it.


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