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Tiny Burner is a free DVD burning software for Windows for personal and commercial usage. The program supports the most common disk storage media, including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and even HD-DVDs. Blank discs inserted into a DVD writer are automatically recognized and the program is adjusted accordingly, for instance by displaying the discs maximum storage size in the status bar of the application.


When you start Tiny Burner for the first time you notice that it launches both the main media burning interface plus a small always on top area that can acts as a drag and drop pod for files and folders. These are then automatically added to the active project.

The small drop area displays the total number of files and the total file size which can be handy to avoid adding more data than what can be burned on the inserted blank disc.

Tiny Burner is largely a file writer, support for different image formats is nearly non-existent. Only iso images are supported which is a severe limitation. Even audio CDs and DVDs do not seem to be supported by the program.


You can create and burn iso images from the Tools menu. Everything else is handled from the main program interface. Files and folders can be added with a right-click and the selection of the appropriate action from the context menu, via the File menu or one of the buttons of the main toolbar.

The total size of the current compilation, the available space on disc and the total disc space are displayed conveniently on the program’s status bar.

Controls are available to switch writers and to change the speed of the writing process. Compilations can be saved as projects which is handy if you want to burn the files again in the future, or need to add additional data to the compilation.

The core benefits of Tiny Burner are the minimalistic, easy to use interface and overall burning process, that it can be used commercially and that it supports all common CD, DVD. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray writers.

Some users will find the lack of supported image formats appalling, which is by far the biggest point of criticism.

The free burning software Tiny Burner supports 32-bit and 64-bit of the Windows operating system. Downloads and additional information are provided at the developer website.


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