Android x86 2.2 released, run Android on your PC

Written By technotheory on Sunday, July 3, 2011 | 9:14 PM

We all know how popular Android is on the smart phones and tabs. But when it comes to Pc’s there is very little number of people who might have used it. Well if you are impressed with Android you can then try it out right inside your pc. Android has released its Android x86 2.2 version (Froyo-x86) which can be used to run it on x86 machines (normal desktops and laptops). It’s a great opportunity for users around the world to try Android right inside the pc and become comfortable with this open operating system. The greatest advantage of this release that it’s a live, which means that you can run it without installing the operating system. This means that we don’t have to worry about our Windows operating system on the machine since it’s untouched.

This release fixes many bugs says Android, Kernel updated to 2.6.38 version with more drivers and bug fix, 4 times faster performance with OpenGL hardware acceleration improvement, multi touch option added and built in wallpapers.

Android also requests users/testers to report the issues they find when using Android so that these issues can be rectified in future releases.

You can download and learn more: Android x86 2.2 (Froyo-x86 version) live.

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