Samsung RF711 Gaming Laptop Review

Written By technotheory on Monday, July 4, 2011 | 10:13 PM

You might remember last month I reviewed the very sexy little Samsung Series 9 Ultraportable, their “Macbook Air killer” and absolutely loved it. The latest box to arrive at my door from the company contained something very far removed from the Series 9. This time they’d sent their top of the line RF711 gaming laptop.

This machine sports a 17.3 super-bright inch screen, a 2GHz core-i7 SandyBridge processor, a huge 6Gb of DDR3 RAM and no less than two 500Gb hard disks. It’s all topped off with switchable graphics which include an nVidia GT540M card with 1Gb of dedicated DDR3 RAM.

Rather than being a sexy little thing for the jet-set, this is a hulking great 2.6kg of desktop replacement entertainment laptop, complete with Blu-Ray drive, USB 3 and all the trimmings.

So what is it like to use and is it any good as a gaming machine? I’ve written a full review on our sister website Windows7News, but I was certainly impressed with the machine. It handled Call of Duty Black Ops at medium-high settings without breaking a sweat, though it did complain when I turned everything up to maximum. It’s a very powerful and very pretty machine, with an all plastic case (very high quality plastic I might add) contrasting a dark grey case and black lid with high-impact silver surrounding the keyboard.

It’s a good keyboard too with generously proportioned scrabble-tile keys and good travel. It has a large easy to use trackpad too, which you can switch off for gaming and a screen that, while not full HD at 1600 x 900, is very usable in direct sunlight.

It’s easy to see where compromises have been made with the RF711 but this keeps the price affordable and it comes in around $1,000 cheaper than equivalent specification laptops from Dell, Lenovo and Sony. You can read my full in-depth review here where I talk about the important things like battery life and what it’s really like to live with.

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