Tips to Make Your BlackBerry Battery Last Longer

Written By technotheory on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 12:37 AM

This is the time for blackberry users to learn how to use their smartphones for a longer period than ever. Being a smartphone with more advance features like multitasking and email services, the blackberry mobile has the tendency of running down quickly than the conventional “feature phones”.

“My battery is dead….again”. We hear this so often. This is clearly something we want to avoid. So how can we get the maximum of our battery life?

Blackberry is one of the most advanced features mobile phones we have now, next to the iPhone, it’s also a very reputable product from technology industry, Research In Motion, RIM. The advantages the blackberry mobile phone has, like the blackberry application world that offers users a variety of applications supporting your smartphone, is one of the major reasons why your blackberry battery doesn’t last longer.

Apart from this, the blackberry being a smartphone that allows you to run many applications at a time can also contribute to the effect of its battery running down quickly. Let’s look at some ways you can manage your blackberry battery life without losing any of its benefits.

Close Every Program after Use

The more application you run on your blackberry smartphone, the more battery life it consumes. Avoid running too many applications on your phone at a time and always end every application you open before dropping your phone.

With blackberry smartphone, unlike the conventional “feature phones” that only requires you to press the home or end button before it automatically closes any application that is running, your blackberry will require you to press the home and the select “close” or press the escape button to close it.

Set Your Phone to Auto-on and Auto-off

When I first started using my blackberry Tour 9630, I loved the way it works and how I was able to download WordPress for blackberry which made updating my weight watchers discount and bistro md coupon blog easy, I noticed that I often left my phone running while I slept off and this always drained my battery life so I had to set it to auto off and on.

You can set your blackberry to auto on and off by going to “options” in the home screen, then you’ll see a list of options for your blackberry, the third in the list (at least for Tour 9630) is “Auto On/Off”.

Have Extra Batteries

Another cool way to have extended battery life for your blackberry is by having more than one battery for your blackberry. You don’t know when you might not have the opportunity to charge your phone and may need to make use of it urgently. It’s in such a situation that your extra battery will come in handy.

You can purchase blackberry batteries online from Amazon or from Blackberry website directly for around 50 to 60 bulks.

Charge Your Batteries Regularly

While having up to ten extra batteries for backup might help you extend your blackberry’s battery life, it’s much of a waste of time and money if you aren’t charging your batteries as you should. To make sure my blackberry battery lasts longer, I charge it regularly and I also use every opportunity I have to make sure my battery is fully charged.

Charging your blackberry batteries is very important and will save you the embarrassment of not having access to radio use just because your blackberry battery is low.

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