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Written By technotheory on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 12:19 AM

Folks, it’s official now! Facebook has announced the official Facebook for iPad app on its site. After several delays and delays, you can finally get the official Facebook for iPad app. The app is available in iTunes store.

The official Facebook for iPad available for download now is similar to the one which was leaked few months ago in Facebook for iPhone’s app code. Everybody had that app until Facebook prevented it by making the latest upgrade for Facebook for iPhone.

The Facebook for iPad app is not only bringing iPad support, it also brings tons of new features: With the new version (4.0) of Facebook app, you can play Facebook games in full-screen mode. It also supports HD video and Airplay, allowing you to watch videos shared on Facebook on your TV via AirPlay using an Apple TV or on other iOS devices.

Facebook for iPad also comes with high-res photos in which you can navigate through easiily by flipping through them like flipping in the photo album. You can also easily zoom into whatever interests you thanks to iPad’s big screen.

Download Facebook for iPad App (Version 4.0)iTunes link

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