Best Freewares to remove Junk Files

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Remove Empty Directories
File size: 395KB

Over time, your hard disk is likely to accumulate hundreds of empty folders left behind by uninstalled programs, deleted photos and accidental mouse-clicks. Remove Empty Directories (RED) lets you locate and remove these vacant directories quickly and easily. Any folders found by the tool can be reviewed before you delete them and you can choose to exempt certain directories.

File size: 2.89MB

Most savvy PC users will already have CCIeaner installed but it’s certainly worth downloading the latest version of the popular clean-up tool. Launched at the end of February, CCIeaner v3.04 adds support for Free Download Manager. Comodo Dragon and Songbird, as well as other programs; improves Google Chrome and AVG cleaning; and improves Registry cleaning for unused file extensions.

PC Decrapifier
File size: 128MB

Clean-up tools generally remove clutter that’s built up over time, but PC Decrapifier is designed for new PCs. The program gets rid of all the trial software, start-up items and browser toolbars that come pre-installed on a new PC, and which can often slow it down from the start. You can choose exactly what to uninstall and use the Restore Point function to recover from problems.

File size: 1.07MB

To get your PC up to speed, you need to free up memory as well as remove unwanted files. CleanMem improves Windows’ memory management and keeps your system running smoothly by releasing any memory that’s not being used. You can schedule the program to clean your memory at regular intervals, or use a keyboard shortcut to run CleanMem and reclaim memory being hoarded by hogs such as Firefox.

File size: 124KB

This simple but useful tool automatically deletes temporary files from your system to prevent them from building up and hogging disk space. Just run EraseTemp and the program will remove all temporary files more than a day old as well as memory-dump files, which are created when Windows stops responding.

Wise Disk Cleaner Free
File size: 4.3MB

Combining a disk cleaner and a disk defragmenter, this excellent tool cleans and speeds up your system in a couple of minutes. Wise Disk Cleaner Free lets you delete temporary and junk files -even hidden ones – with a single click, and can be scheduled to run regularly at a time that suits you. Just remember to deselect the Ask toolbar and homepage options during installation.

Browser Cleaner
File size: 898KB

Browsers pick up all sorts of rubbish from the web, but we often forget to clear them out. Browser Cleaner does the job for you and is especially useful if you use several different browsers. It lets you delete cookies, history and temporary internet files from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari In one fell swoop. You can also erase your Flash and Java caches.

File size: 3.69MB

Currently in beta, SlimCleaner is a community-powered clean-up tool that uses cloud technology to get recommendations from IT professionals, technicians and computer users about which items should be removed from your system. The software is packed with features, including cleaning options for Windows and browsers, an uninstaller and a file shredder. However, SlimCleaner is still being tested so you may experience a few bugs.

File size: 1.8MB

Clicking an old bookmark only to find the site doesn’t exist anymore can prove frustrating, so it’s worth clearing out invalid entries in your Bookmarks or Favorites menu using AM-DeadLink. This handy tool shows you which links no longer work so you can delete them forever, and also detects duplicates. The latest version works with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Comodo System-Cleaner
File size: 10MB

Comodo’s powerful, full-featured System-Cleaner may seem like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut when you just want to clear out some junk, but it could save you having to download several separate system tools. The program lets you choose between quick and thorough cleans for its Registry, disk and privacy cleaners, and has a useful Force Delete function for carrying out troublesome removals.

System Ninja
File size: 1.77MB

This nifty, lightweight program removes junk files that other clean-up tools miss, such as entries in thumbnail and game caches. It has a File Analyzer tool that provides detailed information about each entry. System Ninja also includes a start-up manager, a process manager and – perhaps surprisingly -CCEnhancer, which adds extra functionality to rival program CCIeaner.

Revo Uninstaller
File size: 2.52MB

Widely regarded as the best free uninstaller available, Revo Uninstaller lets you get rid of unwanted programs in a jiffy. Particularly useful is the Hunte mode, which replaces the standard interface with a cross-hairs icon. Drag this onto an application window, shortcut or Taskbar icon and you can choose to uninstall the program, stop it auto-running or just kill the running process.

Duplicate Cleaner
File size: 1.02MB

From photos and MP3s to documents and system files, it’s very easy to build up a collection of duplicate files on you PC without realising. This program help you tidy up your hard disk by finding and deleting all instances of files with the same names and attributes. Duplicates can be sent to the Recycle Bin or deleted permanently.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner
File size: 4.51MB

A messy Registry can slow your system down but it’s not a good idea to delete entries manually. Instead, run Auslogics Registry Cleaner, which finds and fixes Registry errors such as empty keys, invalid shortcuts and missing files. The program scans very quickly, offers a one-click Repair button for all problems and includes a Rescue Center that lets vou easilv undo chanaes.

Driver Sweeper
File size: 4.57MB

Keeping your hardware drivers up to date is essential, but it’s also wise to delete older driver entries. Driver Sweeper scans your system for drivers from manufacturers including Microsoft. AMD and Intel, lets you remove them instantly, and creates automatic backups in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you deselect the MyShoppingGenie option during installation.

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