Faster File and Photo browsing on Android in SD Card

Written By technotheory on Sunday, May 15, 2011 | 7:15 AM

On Android Smartphone, we often feel the system works slowly and while browsing gallery and other files on SD card. This is because the cache size is smaller due to failure, slow loading. XDA Developer forums have an application that tweaks the cache size Android filesystem on SD card speed. SD increase for the parameters in a file (requires root access) to the size of the cache memory management.

By default, this value is set to 128 KB, but it turned out that changing this value in KB 2048, the benefits that optimizes read / write speed of our external memory.

Open the application, it asks for the super-user privileges. The grants, including a sliding screen with the movement of the cache size changes. It is recommended that the 2048 RD and press the orange logo to set.

This setting will automatically restart after the box set infront like any boat, so these changes will be made after each boot.

Personally I found this app very useful to the power of Android through taxes faster browsing and a photo gallery app. Download Speed Increase from Android Market.

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