7 Tips for Going Green with Your Android

Written By technotheory on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 8:24 PM

As a society, we’re more environmentally aware than ever before, and we know now that in order to be successful, we need everyone to play a positive role in “going green.” One way that we can all make an impact is by being more aware about our mobile phones, and the effect that they are having on our environment. It might shock and horrify you to know that, according to EPA estimates, the US alone adds more than 2 tons of highly toxic electronic waste to its landfills each year. We can all make a big difference by considering these tips for going green with your Android.

1. SIM Only Deals

When our contract expires, our current Smartphone usually goes to the trash. Either we put it there, or we turn it in, and the vendor puts it there. We can make a big difference by keeping our mobiles longer. The most cost-effective way to do this is through SIM only contracts, which most of the large carriers provide, but do not necessarily push.

2. Recycle, Donate or Sell

Instead of discarding your old mobile phone, mail it to or drop it off at a recycling center that properly handles electronic equipment. In fact, many mobile phone recyclers actually pay you, and while it’s not a great amount, it’s something, and it helps the environment. In addition, many charitable organizations now accept mobile phones as donations, which they use internally, or distribute to soldiers and people who cannot afford to buy them.

3. Think Green When Choosing a Mobile

Not all mobiles are the same, and some have much larger carbon footprints than others do. Reduce your own carbon footprint by opting for the phone that uses the least amount of energy possible to meet your needs. Some carriers will offer more power free, especially if you’re a loyal customer, but don’t accept it unless you’ll actually use it.

4. Use Your Wallet to Vote Green

When buying green, it’s not just about choosing the mobile that uses the least amount of power. Take a hard look at the vendors, the carriers and the mobile phone manufacturers. If you reward those with the better ecological track records by giving them your business, then you help ensure more companies behave that way in the future.

5. Reduce Power Usage

When it comes to our cell phones, most of us waste power without even realizing we’re doing it. A big culprit is too-bright screens. They come this way. Most of those don’t need it that bright, but we never think to change it. Small changes like this can have a dramatic effect over the years, especially if everyone is doing his or her part.

6. Use Power-saving Apps

If your battery provides enough charge for your entire day, then battery/power-saving apps might not seem like a big deal to you. But the power they save adds up. Consider all the power you could have saved over the course of the last decade, and now imagine if everyone who uses a mobile phone was using a power-saving app too.

7. Leverage Other Green Apps

The software available today is amazing, and it is even more astounding when you consider that we can have it in the palm of our hand or on our dashboard. For instance, apps like Ecorio use GPS to track your carbon footprint while travelling. You can compare yourself to others in your region, and then use that info to reduce your footprint.

Do you suggest any other tips to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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